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When do I need to wash my hair?

My answer to this one is do whatever makes you feel comfortable. I have fantastic products that I use so freshly washed hair is not a problem but if you can leave your hair a day/overnight then please do so. I offer a blow dry and hair styling option for my brides and a hair styling option on its own. If you or any member of your bridal party are having the hairstyling option only, please make sure your hair is as dry and smooth as possible and blow dry your hair with a round brush if you can. This helps to create a smoother finish ready for the styling. All the relevant information will be sent to you once your booked in.


How many bridal party members can you fit in?

This all depends on the chosen services, timings and complexity of the styles wanted, please contact me to discuss your requirements. I do however have some lovely hair friends who I can count on to help me out in the day if you do have a large bridal party.

Will you stay to put in my veil?

YES! Absolutely! Once I am finished, I will be on hand until I am not needed anymore, and you set off to get married. I will place your veil in for you and also show a bridal party member how to remove it.

What do I need for my hair trial?

I would suggest having someone with you, who's opinion you trust, perhaps a maid of honour, mum or close friend. We will be in good communication and I will send you an email with all the trial prep information a few weeks before your trial. Please bring pictures of your dress & if possible where a top with a similar neckline to your dress, this will give you a very good idea of how everything will look on the day.

Do you travel?

Yes. I travel to all my clients as I am fully mobile. Travel costs are free within a 10-mile radius of SN2 2SH. Thereafter is charged at 50p per mile.

Do you offer group discounts? Where can I find your prices?

My prices can be found on the prices section on my website under Bridal. I do not offer discounts for larger bridal parties. My prices are very reasonable for the skill level, care, knowledge and work I put into each wedding I do. ​

Shall I bring inspiration pictures to my trial, and what else shall I bring?

All trial information will be sent to you once you are booked in. This will answer all your questions. Inspiration pictures are very useful but please bear in mind that a lot of styles that you see on Instagram and Pinterest are heavily edited and they use a lot of extensions. Try to find inspiration pictures that will suit your depth, colour, length and texture of hair. Also bring along any hair accessories you would like to use. It is also good to find styles that are the same hair colour as yours, it gives you the very best idea of how it will look on the day.


How long will each person take on the day to do?

This all depends on what service each individual is having and the complexity of the hair or make up. As a very rough guideline I allow, per person per service - 

Bride 1 - 1.5 hours 

Bridesmaids/Mothers/Guests between 35 mins - 40 mins

All timings will be gone over at your trial or shortly after that.

If another stylist is needed for time reasons, I can help you source one. I am lucky to know some amazing talent in this industry.

But do not worry I always plan to be finished an hour before you need to leave. This gives us plenty of time in case anything does take a little longer than planned. You also want time to greet your florist and any other suppliers who come up to say hello.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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